We will have a lot of fun with the C30

Volvo has created a really small road bead that can withstand both long and hard driving. Preferably on crooked forest roads where the driver can push the fine road keeping and balance fully. The engine in our car – Volvo’s good-sounding 2.4 liter 2.4-liter – of course spices the driving characteristics. It likes gasoline, but it pays dividends for every drop.

Actually, the C30 was created as a tow truck for bustling metropolitan residents. It is easily maneuvered in cluttered, cramped traffic environments. The glass tailgate gives almost a free view behind the stern and the driver has an unusually wide field of view. The center pillar is shaped so that it does not dim and thanks to the car taper off a little back, the surroundings look fine through the long rear side windows.

Although the C30 is a small sports compartment, it has one of the most comfortable rear seats in the test stall. It is perfectly cleaned and the two seats have been moved slightly towards the middle of the car for passengers to see better. The legroom is unexpectedly generous, provided the driver is not too long.

But of course, as a family car for a family, the Volvo C30 has its limitations. If four are in the car, there is no room for more than a few smaller bags in the luggage compartment – unless you get Volvo’s elegant trucks for SEK 1,700 and put on a roof box. If, however, only two can be folded, the rear seat backrest can be folded and then it is possible to push in almost 450 liters of luggage, which is as much as in the Skoda Roomster. However, the equipment should not be large or heavy, because the loading opening is narrow and the loading edge requires high lifting.

With luggage in the car, of course, the rear view for the driver and the view into and through the car for the remaining road users disappear. The bags can be covered with a full load of cordless gray plastic that Volvo seems to have turned from some endangered Eastern State car.

The Volvo C30 works best for two people for several reasons. As with all cars with two doors, the front seats must be folded and pushed forward for people to get in the back. It is a stupid procedure that takes place with three handles: with a handle the backrest is lowered and the chair is pulled forward. The handle should be released when the chair is pushed back, otherwise the seat will stick and the driver may reset it. To finally fold the backrest, the handle should be used again. Reverse and complicated. We often made mistakes, after which the chair was locked in the wrong position and we swore long frames.

Volvo seems to have been in a bit of a hurry to release the C30, as there are several misses. For example, on the two shortest of our five test drivers, the seat belt looked into the neck. During winter and spring, when we have worn thicker clothes with collars, we have not noticed the problem. But as soon as the collarless summer shirts went on, the first red scratch marks appeared.

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