What controls a car for VIN 2021

All European and American cars from 1981 have a unique chassis number of 17 characters. A chassis number has many important uses – among other things, it provides access to important information about a car’s history.

Chassis numbers also have many other important uses. For example, garages use chassis numbers to identify the engine, gearbox and brake systems that the manufacturer has installed so that they can provide the car with the right service. Law enforcement agencies use chassis numbers to identify and take care of stolen cars and car parts. Car manufacturers use chassis numbers when handling car recalls.

Find the chassis number

The chassis number is in several places in the car, but the most common is that it is on the dashboard (you can see it through the windshield) and on a label on the driver’s side door frame. On some cars, the chassis number is also on the engine, hood and other parts. The chassis number can also be found in the car’s documentation, insurance policy, service book and police reports concerning the car.

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