Ariya could be the next electric car from Nissan

The 4.6 meter long crossover Ariya is fueled exclusively with electricity and is driven forward by two electric motors, one on each shaft. The vehicle is a further development of the design study IMx from 2017 and should have a four-wheel drive equivalent or better than that of some sports cars.

Fast charging takes place via Chademo connection, but more information about the powertrain than Nissan does not provide. Instead, they tell us that the car was designed based on the words “slim”, “seamless” and “sexy”, with narrow headlights and a V-shaped front. The driving environment is clean, without much physical control. Ariya automatically connects to the driver’s smartphone, syncs with calendar information and sets any travel destinations based on it when getting into the car.

It is equipped with Nissan’s latest innovation in driver support, called ProPilot 2.0. This means that the car can drive itself on the highway in one file. When it is time to change file, drive or take an exit, the vehicle gives signals to the driver about permission to perform the actions.

Nissan says that Ariya can look into production in the near future.
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