2020 Honda Accord Touring Sedan Review and Price

The Honda Accord 2020 is a medium-sized car produced by the Japanese company Honda since the mid-seventies of the last century.
The Japanese Accord has always stood out on the road from other cars, and the ninth version is no exception. This is the case when going around the car from all sides, and do not come to a final conclusion, which of them is more attractive. Many experts admire the Honda Accord 2020 in the new body side view. Indeed, in profile, a four-door sedan looks graceful.

The body of the Honda Accord 2020 has not changed much since the previous modernization of the model, except that slightly elongated fancy relief hood. On the nose of the car there is a fairly chrome-plated, eastern-style narrow radiator grille and squinted head optics. The fog lights are located at the level of the massive air intake. The front bumper is interesting from the point of view of originality and the general configuration. From the side, the car looks like a racing car; if the windshield was made more sloping, it would take the form of a space rocket. There is nothing to say about the aerodynamic parameters – they are excellent a priori. It is worth paying attention to the ornament of cast wheels – an interesting feature!

Inside the interior of the Honda Accord 2020 everything is decent and beautiful, from the design of elegant seats to the decoration of the dashboard. The finish is made of high-quality leather, as well as soft plastic. The torpedo has a minimum of control buttons, the main “levers” of control are transferred to the large multimedia screen, which are activated not only by pressing, but also by gestures. Under the monitor there is a thin row of deflectors that are responsible for the operation of the climate system.

There are buttons for operating the transmission instead of the traditional gearbox lever, cup holders and niches for storing small things, plus an armrest with a glove compartment inside. Multifunctional steering wheel of medium size with a wide rim fits perfectly in your hands. Behind it there is a monitor with a tachometer, speedometer and sensor readings.
The seats are equipped with a soft filler, trimmed with leather, and have adjustments for the passengers. The front seats provide excellent lateral support, heating, “body position memory” and even ventilation. The spacious back sofa can easily accommodate three passengers, you can turn on the heating in the cold season. From the back of the middle seat, you can organize an improvised table with cup holders.

Starting MSRP $35,440.00

Destination Charge $995.00

Dealer Suggested Retail $38,274.00

9.5 Total Score
Honda Accord 2020

Among the shortcomings, attention is focused on increased fuel consumption, the high cost of spare parts (from filters to larger parts) and maintenance. They also complain about a weak battery and a low location of fog lights, which is fraught with the fact that they can be broken elementary. The Honda Accord 2020 is criticized for its high price, not very roomy trunk and the inconvenience of seating on the back sofa if the number of passengers exceeds two people.

  1. I owned a 2013 Prius 3. Nice car but the Accord Hybrid EXL is a big upgrade in space, comfort and safety features. Gas mileage so for is 46 mpg versus 48 i got with my Prius. There’s a lot less road noise but it’s louder on the acceleration. Styling has improved immensely. This is my 2nd Accord I’ve owned and I’m very happy with the purchase.

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